Back Pain Sucks

Some of you know that I’ve been struggling a bit lately with back pain — every once in a while my lower back just starts killing me, making it hard to bend, and sometimes hard to walk. Started a few months ago in August — suspiciously the day after the girlies’ birthday party when I picked up Andrew (he’s now ginormous) when he bonked his head.

Anyway, it’s been happening on and off lately, generally exacerbated by my flying schedule. This Thanksgiving trip (chronicled in another post) caused a whole new level though. Ended up spending most of Thanksgiving weekend on my back at Mom’s place.

Went to see the doc at Palo Alto Medical Foundation yesterday, who basically checked me out to make sure it’s not the “bad” kind of back pain, and merely the “good” sort. Mine is the good sort, and he basically told me to pay more attention when I excercise, and I think it goes without saying that I should stop taking 27 hour trips.

Anyhoo. Nothing really to worry about, but somthing to work on. Man, last year I hardly even knew I had a back — now it’s a major part of my life. Sigh.

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