Backyard After 3 Days

Well, it’s looking better as of this weekend — they’ve pretty well gotten rid of all the planters, the basketball hoop & the lawn, plus they’ve reshaped the patio to be substantially what it will be sized for the finish. Today they’re working on forms for 3 pieces of new concrete they’ll need to pour: a little platform on the side of the patio for our grill, plus reshapings of the two stepouts (sliding doors in our living room & bedroom). I think it’s starting to look a whole lot better, even this early. Getting rid of all the concrete already makes the back look a lot more organic and less constructed. My next trick is to get our backyard neighbors to get excited about splitting the cost of a new fence with us. (They should, since their tree is what’s pushed down our existing fence.) Pictures from this morning before any work started are here:

Next up, pouring the concrete, replacing the back fence (as soon as we get the okay from our neighbors), and then I think, putting the stones on the patio.

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