Connectors for Connectors?

In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell wrote that there are basically 3 types of folks you need to have a robust, spreading idea: mavens (experts), evangelists, and connectors. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m the third type: a connector. I really enjoy connecting people that didn’t previously connect and seeing what they can do together — and think that I do it pretty frequently in my life.

As I’m starting my job search, it seems to me that being a connector for other people doesn’t always help you when you’re trying to connect yourself. That seems to be a different skill. It’s one that I’m working on, obviously, but it’s an interesting difference. I also find that I’m able to do different things, introduction-wise, when I’m introduced to someone, as opposed to contacting them directly. I need to think more about it, but wanted to jot it down.

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