A Dream House for 3 year olds…

I’ve decided that our house is now the absolute perfect place to live if you’re 3. Here’s why:

– There are huge construction trucks in the road in front of the house (they’re doing some sort of street resurfacing that I don’t completely understand), including scrapers, graders and steamrollers (just like busytown)

– There are big panel trucks in our driveway (bringing new flagstone for our backyard, new windows for our house)

– There are 5 guys on the premises each working a power tool that makes smoke & dust

– There are actual gaping holes in the house where windows once were and may be again

– It’s noisy, so no naps for anyone, including me (Actually, I should say that it’s unbelievably noisy — they’re actually taking apart our house, bit by bit.)

Oh, and we have a room full of toys for the nieces and nephews, plus some string cheese. Yum.

You might imagine that for a 34 year old, it isn’t currently the perfect house. But it’s getting better, and will be in good shape in the coming weeks and months. I’m optimistic that all of the major window-sized holes will be gone shortly. Good thing we live in California.

Anyway, these are high class problems, I suppose, getting new windows & a new backyard & being home all day to be bothered by all the work.

I’m going to do a bunch of posts right in a row now with pictures from the backyard & house showing in process window stuff.

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