Don’t Get Too Comfortable, by David Rakoff

Another of the commentators that I like to listen to on NPR — David Rakoff is one of the main contributors to "This American Life" — a great show that I highly recommend, and one that has really encouraged the careers of Sarah Vowell and David Sedaris as well.

Anyway, I liked Rakoff’s previous book, Fraud!, reasonably well, so gave this one a try (the copy I have is a galley — it’ll actually be released in September). This book I didn’t enjoy that much. I just found it sort of snarky. Rakoff is a funny writer, and looks into funny topics (being a cabana boy in South Beach, cryonics facilities, and plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, among others), but there’s just a lot of picking on other people in this. Which, of course, normally I like. 🙂 But not this book, for some reason.

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