As part of my new job (more on that in a bit), I’ve decided to use a Mac for a while instead of a PC. I’m finding it a really big adjustment. Some context: I’ve been around Apple & Macs for a really long time. Mom bought a Mac Plus when I was in high school; Dad & I each bought Powerbooks in the early 90s; I worked at Apple in 94-95 and again in 1997, and my dad, mom, Kathy & my brother have all been using Macs with OS X for several years now. I’ve been mostly using a PC for my own stuff, though, since we started Reactivity back in 1998.

And this is almost a cliche type of thing to post, but holy cow. This is not the Mac I’m used to. There are some major, major differences in the way it wants you to work, to organize things, and to communicate. Undeniably shiny & lickable. The UI and the hardware are both just amazing. And most everything works, honestly. I’m finding the key combinations pretty unfamiliar, so that’s going to take some working out, and I really find the way that OS X layers open windows to be dreadfully confusing — I get lost a lot.

They did a really great job on Spotlight though. Makes a ton of stuff easier. Since I’m going through so many other changes at the same time, I’m going to try to use Spotlight for most all of my shell navigation. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’ve got lots of specific thoughts that I should post on (like what a pain it was to get my contacts & calendar moved from Outlook to the native applications), but that’s a start. Not sure yet whether I’ll be more productive or not; but the UI is a whole lot shinier (in a good way, I think).

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