July, 2005

Jul 05

Sam’s Blog Moving to New URL

We’re moving all of Sam’s stuff over to his new blog, which you can find here: http://johnolilly.typepad.com/sam/ . Just to make sure that random folks aren’t accessing it, we’re going to put it behind a username & password — but most everyone that has been following things here is very welcome to take a look — just send me or Kathy an e-mail and we’ll send you back the username & password. For now, here’s a funny (but characteristic) picture of Sam:


Jul 05

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (no spoilers)

I’m not going to talk much about the book here, except to say that I liked it. I was able to avoid 10-year olds during the week that I read it (so that those speed readers wouldn’t tell me how it went), and so won’t say anything here. Except that I liked it a lot and am excited for the conclusion in Book 7.

Jul 05

A Very Good Year, by Mike Weiss

Back to book reviews — we’re going to move Sam’s stuff over to his own blog. (About time. He’s practically two weeks old at this point.)

Anyway, I read A Very Good Year back B.S. (before Sam), and enjoyed it — sort of a fluffy book about how wine gets made — in particular at Ferrari-Carano Vineyards in Sonoma — and specifically about one of their white wines — the Fume Blanc. Interesting story about the process, people & business. Quick to read. But don’t buy it — just borrow it from me. 🙂

Jul 05

Sam comes home!

We brought Sam home yesterday — here are a few new pictures for you of his last couple of days in the hospital and the trip home…


Everyone’s healthy & happy, although our schedule is predictably unpredictable. He’s learning to be a little human being; we’re learning to be a little family unit.

At least a couple of posts we want to write shortly: (1) what we know about Sam so far after a week, and (2) what the hospital experience was like, especially with all the amazing support we’ve got.

Thanks to everyone for all the support so far — it’s been amazing.

Jul 05

Just checking in

Midnight Sunday; just home to do a bit of laundry & clean up a bit. I’m finding that baby hours are not the same as normal people hours. Midnight seemed like a great time to do chores! Anyway, back to the hospital in a couple of minutes — Sam is an eating machine these last 24 hours. Amazing how happy it can make you to see your little guy eat and eat and eat. Simple things. So many emotions over the last few days — so many times that words just fail.

Anyway, the lowdown is that Sam’s health is looking good — looking like he’s licked the infection, so hopefully we’ll get the short course of anti-biotics and be home on Tuesday.

Kathy continues to be amazing — devoted, persistent, indefatigable — and in love with Sam. 🙂 Me too.

More pics & video tomorrow — I’m sorting out a weirdness between MPEG & QuickTime, which is why there’s no audio on the video clip I put up today, but maybe I can fix that shortly. Might need better web access though, so who knows.