The Emmys and My Favorite TV

This is a great piece on who’ll win at the Emmys written by my favorite TV critic — someone I practically always agree with 100%:

My favorite performances of the year: Ian McShane as an incredibly great bad guy in "Deadwood," Jeremy Piven as a talent agent in "Entourage," Glenn Close who blew me away with a season on "The Shield," and everyone from "The Wire" and "Arrested Development" — the best 2 shows on television for me. "Entourage" is getting good fast, though.

Oh — and about "Rome," HBO’s newest period drama. It’s good, but not great. Sure looks expensive. I’m a sucker for that period in history (world war between Pompey & Caesar!), so I like it a lot so far, through 3 episodes. It’s been a little slow so far though. I’m hoping that like most HBO dramas, it’ll start to pick up steam around the 5th episode.

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