Last week was our 5th anniversary. Hard to believe that it was more than 5 years ago now that we were married in Pacific Grove. Not to mention nearly 20 years ago that Kathy & I first met. Seems simultaneously like the blink of an eye and also like we’ve lived our lives together forever. I find that time has that funny quality these days. It’s maybe always like that, and maybe I’m just more acutely aware lately.

But I digress. There are so many topics to talk about, so many images, songs, memories, laughs, nephews, nieces, babies and everything that I feel like I could make a really long post.

Instead, here’s what really want to say: I feel incredibly lucky to have found and be married to Kathy, and as good as things have been the whole way, this past year is the best it’s ever been. I’m a very lucky guy.

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