I’m currently in Pasadena for the day — making this my first business trip for Mozilla, my first work-related trip in nearly a year, and only the 3rd airplane that I’ve been on in total this year. I have to say that not traveling has been awesome — it’s been great for my time with Kathy, my diet, my health, and my mental state. Getting on a plane today was nice, though — nice to get a bit of totally disconnected time in the air, nice to drive around Pasadena and look at things I haven’t seen before. I don’t really ever want to go back to the travel schedule that I had last year — was just too much. Also, I’m struck by how much “in between” time there is — time waiting for a meeting, or when you’ve just boarded the plane, or whatever — that’s time that I get to listen to my iPod, or read my book, or things like that. Kathy & I haven’t had much of that lately, with Samosaurus around. Kind of neat once in a while.

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