The Devil’s Teeth, by Susan Casey

This is a book that Mom sent in one of her highly fantastic semi-regular shipments of books that she gets as samples. I sort of brushed by it, since the cover & title makes it look like a pulp mystery.

Turns out, though, it’s an interesting non-fiction book about the Farallon Islands, just west of San Francisco, and the Great White sharks that frequent the place. It’s one of the most remote-seeming places anywhere — nobody lives there, it’s mostly shrouded in fog — but one of the very few places where Great White sharks will reliably return each year to do whatever it is that Great Whites do.

The beginning of the book is fantastically interesting — about a geography that’s so close but that I had no idea existed — and a little bit about sharks, which I think is an interesting topic. The last couple of hundred pages isn’t that interesting, though — just talks about how Casey gets trapped on a boat, bad things happen, everyone has a happy ending. (Age old story: woman meets shark, woman loses shark, shark tries to eat the boat. You know.)

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