December, 2005

Dec 05

Coyote Blue, by Christopher Moore

Eh, it’s an okay book. Not great. I liked “The Stupidest Angel : A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror” and “Lamb : The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal” both a lot more.

Dec 05

Wild Ducks Flying Backward, by Tom Robbins

I like Tom Robbins a ton — really liked Skinny Legs and All and most of his other books. This is a collection of his essays — mostly not worth the price of the book. He does write some great stuff, though, as always.

To wit, here’s a great one, as he comments about the current unfortunate state of our government and electorate: “We must bear in mind…that the central dynamic of our race has never been a conflict between good and evil but rather between enlightenment and ignorance. Ignorance makes the headlines, wins the medals, doles out the punishment, jingles the coin, yet in its clandestine cubbyholes (and occasionally on the public stage) enlightenment

continues to quietly sparkle, its radiance outshining the entire disco ball of history. Its day may or may not come, but no matter. The world is as it is! Life as it is! Enlightenment is its own reward.”

Fantastic, wonderful language — it’s why I really like Robbins, even in a crummy collection. 🙂