Nov 05


I really like sleep. Or I used to, anyway. Sam’s doing great great great, in general, but isn’t sleeping too well lately. He went to bed last night at around 8p, then woke up at 10p, 11p, 12:30a, 2a, 5a, 6:15a. Then we got up and played at about 7:15a. Yikes. That was more than usual, but not a lot more — he’s been waking up 3 or 4 times a night lately. Much harder on Kathy than on me, of course. I’d imagine it’s hard on the little guy, too, but he seems pretty happy in general. We go to sleep each night optimistic that he’ll make the switch.

In other (and somewhat related) news, Sam’s tried his 2nd food (2nd after Mom’s milk, and not including Tylenol, which isn’t all that great a meal). Rice cereal! Yum! Well, sort of. I guess. First time was last week — I fed him but didn’t end up getting much inside his belly. Kathy tried last night, with much more success. He’s working on figuring out the mechanics, which is fun to watch. We had high hopes that it would result in sleep, but no. Oh well.

He’s still the greatest.

Nov 05

Sam’s First Basketball Game

Cool slideshow of Sam’s first Stanford basketball game. Apologies for the sideways pictures. Still figuring that out. (Also, sign up for slide.com — I think we’re going to start sharing more pictures that way.) [mouse over a picture to pause the strip…click on it to see a medium (larger) version, then click on that for the full sized one.]

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Nov 05

Bah. More genius canceled.

Bah. Fox just canceled “Arrested Development,” aka “the best show on television.” Rats. Well, that’s it for me and the sitcom. Back to hour long HBO dramas and “The Daily Show.” (and occasionally “Extras,” although that’s got nothing on “The Office.”)

Nov 05


don’t know why, but my favorite word lately is doofus. here, i’ll use it in my most common recent sentence: “oops. i’m sorry about that. i’m a doofus.”

my mac dictionary tells me not only that the plural is “doofuses”, but also that it originated in the 1960s and could be an alteration of “goofus” or from Scots “doof”.

there you go. make sure to credit me when you use that little tidbit.

Nov 05

Sam’s First Basketball Game

Kathy, Sam & I went to the first Stanford basketball game of the season last Saturday, and had a great time. I’m sure Kathy will have great pictures to post soon, but I just wanted to say that while we were worried about how Sam would react to the large number of people, the loud noises, etc., he was amazing! He didn’t like things at first — had his bottom lip thrust out for a few minutes in the first half — but after that, he settled in and really paid attention to the game. Was startled every time something happened and people cheered/booed, which got worse when he fell asleep in my arms for the 2nd half, but eventually he just was cool about the whole thing.

We’ll have his 2nd game this coming Saturday — hopefully he’ll do as well this time. Was afraid for a while that this season might be a TV-only season, but I think he’s a gamer. 🙂 What a great kid.