Dec 06

cold in YYZ

schrep says it’s cold in toronto. [posting this here to teach him a lesson for not reading my blog more regularly.]


Dec 06

You, Dead to me, and Freezing Cold

Well, Time Magazine has announced their Person of the Year, and it’s apparently you. So congratulations for that. Great job! No, really, I’m serious. You couldn’t be more deserving. Well, there was that patch this year where you were a little bit crazy and everything. But you totally deserve it. I held out hope that I might have been under consideration, but nope — went to you. Again.

Michael Crichton and whoever it is that writes the Hannibal books (it’s Thomas Harris, but who cares, really?) are both officially on the list of authors who are dead to me. John Grisham was the first person on the list a while back — I just got so tired of reading drivel from someone who I had previously sorta enjoyed. But these two books were just too much to bear:

Here’s a little excerpt, from the very first page of Hannibal: “The door to Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s memory palace is in the darkness at the center of his mind and it has a latch that can be found by touch alone. This curious portal opens on immense and well-lit spaces, early baroque, and corridors and chambers rivaling in number those of the Topkapi Museum.”

Come on. Who writes junk like that? Ugh. Crichton’s book was similarly unreadable in the first 200 words, so I returned both.

So I’m putting authors on notice. No time for junk this year. Too much amazing new work around, not to mention masterpieces that have been around forever I want to finish.

Plus the football playoffs.

And this: holy schnikeys it’s cold outside. 30 degrees when I got up this morning. Had to scrape ice off my windshield. I know that it’s not in good taste to complain about the 3 days of the year when I have to scrape ice, but there it is.

Oh, and Dexter just finished last night. Great show. Michael C Hall was tops.

Didn’t mention it last week, but The Wire Season 4 also finished up and was totally magnificent. As others have said, it was the best season of the best show ever on TV. Just about perfect television.

Dec 06

sam…as seen on tv

check out this Firefox fan-generated video (aired in SF & Boston on ESPN & MTV & such the past day or two).

sam’s first time on TV…watch to the very end…

Dec 06

tough to watch

i’m not an overly emotional guy in terms of reacting to news on the web or tv. but the story of james kim, a 35 year old father in the same industry & location as me, is just incredibly tough to watch. it’s hard to even think about. they had to make some of life’s most challenging decisions as a family last week, and what he tried to do blows me away. here’s a video about him that cnet posted.

Dec 06

Sam’s on board

From Sam’s blog (what a team player!):

Last night while John was getting Sam
ready for his bath, Sam pointed at John’s fleece logo and said, clear
as day, "Firefox."  I was starting his bath water and heard it from the
bathroom — and could hardly believe my ears.

Sam has a stuffed firefox (red panda) that he plays with and we talk
about but neither John nor I recalled pointing to the logo on his
fleece jacket and saying "firefox."   We may have done it in passing,
but nothing concerted, for sure.

As we were talking about in our preschool night class this week,
toddlers often have a delayed response to things.  And I know our
reaction last night reinforced his learning :-).

Maybe it was just a shout out to all the friendly people we met at John’s office on Wednesday when we went to visit.

At the moment, Firefox and Elmo are Sam’s two favorite brands. I couldn’t really tell you how he figured out who Elmo is, as we don’t talk about him. (And, as an old school Muppet guy, I’m still a little suspicious of him. I’m more of a Grover, Oscar & Cookie Monster guy. Elmo just seems so "all about Elmo.")