I’m at the San Jose Airport, waiting for my flight to Narita — I’ll be in Tokyo all week. Just saw Kathy & Sam onto a different airport, going the opposite direction — to San Antonio, to visit with Kathy’s folks. It was hard to watch them go — it’s only a week, of course, but the first time I’ve been away from either of them when they go to bed or get up in the morning since, well, since July 13th, at least. 🙂

Which brings up another point: Sam is 6 months old today! What a great kid. He’s started doing full-tongue raspberries now, and he cracks us up.

And another: Kathy was incredible this morning — taking care of everything related to getting her & Sam from here to there. I’m a lucky guy, as usual, for countless reasons.

Anyway, I miss them both already.

Lots of posts coming this week, I think — want to write something about 2005, will write a lot about Tokyo, have some iWeb/Apple/tech posting to do, too.

Already looking forward to all of us coming home again.

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