Harry Potter 4

I watched HP4 on my way back from Tokyo — I liked it. I did feel like this was really the first of the movies that require you to have read the book to know what’s going on. It was almost like a “scenes from…” movie, really. But good.

Watching Narnia on the train home now — this one feels much more literal — which I suppose is a consequence both of the relatively flat subject (see my earlier post on the books) and the fact that it’s only about 200 pages of material. I find that, like the books, I’m not nearly as interested in Narnia as I am in Hogwarts. That makes me a little sad, somehow.

update: the talking animals in Narnia are sort of creepy. don’t misunderstand: i’m generally a huge fan of anthropomorphizing animals — the office monkeys with the whoopie cushion are my current favorites — it’s just these particular Narnian ones that i find disquieting.

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