Nice day in SF

Rode the train up to San Francisco today to spend some time with Mitch talking about various & sundry Internet-related topics. Was pretty rainy, gray & cold when I got to the 4th & King station this morning — now, on the way back, it’s a beautiful January day — probably 55 degrees, super-clear, terrific. I always think to myself when I visit SF that I should visit more. While in Tokyo I was struck by the “internationalness” of the city — how similar it is, in many respects, to Manhattan, or London, or Bangkok — and how similar really international cities are really bound to be. San Francisco, though, seems different to me. Possibly because it’s home turf for me — but I think that it’s more because in spite of the international flavor and influence that it wields, it’s still quite a small town, and feels like it.

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