Long weekend

Nearly every Monday when I come in to work (or Tuesdays after a long weekend, like this one), someone asks how my weekend was.  And lately, I nearly always answer something like: “Fantastic.”

It’s not that we’re doing very much these days — in fact, we’re decidedly sedentary in our lifestyle most weekends lately. This weekend was mostly about lying around on the living room floor, tickling Sam, helping him grab stuff, taking his hands off my glasses or out of Kathy’s hair, and cleaning up the occassional baby hurl from the carpet. Oh, and watching Stanford basketball underperform. (sigh)

And yet, I find myself thinking a lot about something I wrote in my blog a while back — Kurt Vonnegut saying “If this isn’t nice, what is?” I went back and re-read that post today, and recalled that what I was referring to in my post was that my friend Bryan was getting great news about his health and Kathy & I had just found out that baby Sam was on the way.

Anyway, I’ll say it again: if this isn’t nice, what is?

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