Blade Runner

Wasn’t kidding in my previous post — i actually have started using the new Gillette Fusion razor. 5 blades. I love it, actually. Am really excited about it. Makes my 3-bladed Mach 3 seem sort of like shaving with a loofa. Loufa? Lufa?

(What exactly is a Loofah, anyway? tells me that it’s this: 1. Any of several Old World tropical vines of the genus Luffa, having cylindrical fruit with a fibrous, spongelike interior. (or) 2. The dried, fibrous part of the loofa fruit, used as a washing sponge or as a filter. Also called dishcloth gourd, vegetable sponge.)

Anyhoo, it’s a great razor. Except for the extra sideburn razor on the back (the fabled 6th blade!!) — that sucks. My sideburns always clog it up. Maybe my sideburns are just more, um, robust than their test sideburns. (Probably guys like BJR.)

Except that each blade costs approximately what I make in a day. It’s a little ridiculous, really. But great job by the fellas (gals?) in the labs. Can’t wait for the next $3B razor research effort. I’m hoping by the time Sam starts to shave we have some sort of multi-blade face wrap-around where you just stick your mug in and millions of little nano-blades do the work for you.

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