Great posts about Mozilla & Firefox

Two great things to read about Firefox written by folks I work with every day.

First, take a look at Paul’s Mozilla Marketing Manifesto (alliteration!).

Also, take a look at Rafael’s Best 2006 Stories about Firefox.

Both stand well on their own, but of course I’ll add a bit of commentary. At this point, I’d say we’re a chapter or two or three into the book you might call the Story of Firefox. Others with more vision than myself wrote the intro (the Netscape years, the AOL years, the rise of open source & Linux), and then the critical pieces of the Mozilla Suite and Firefox development.

Then, of course, the Firefox release and crazy 2005 sprint to 50,000,000 users and more than 10% of the traffic on the web.

There’s a tendency to think about the “Firefox Success Story” at this point — but I’d say that there’s a lot left to be written. A lot more to happen, a lot more to watch, a lot more to be part of.

Paul’s & Rafael’s posts highlight some of the ways in which the game is changing now — some of these ideas & stories will work, some won’t. But, like the history of Firefox and Mozilla and Open Source generally, that’s sort of the way things go. Some things work. Some don’t. But make it democratic, transparent, accessible, easy — and more often than not the things that do work will work like crazy.

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