In the Cupertino Community Hall

I’m at a workshop this morning in Cupertino — it’s a workshop for library board members in the State of California to learn how to be better advocates, evangelists, and board members.

It’s in a brand new complex in Cupertino — their new city center — and it’s so new that it’s not yet on Google maps. (Actually, that means it’s not yet in NavTeq, which is where, ironically, our Sunnyvale Library Board Chair works.)

The appear to have free wi-fi — go Cupertino! But it’s a little slow. 🙁 But it’s free!

Anyway, the meeting lasts for 4 hours, and I’m unsure just now how interesting/useful it will be. I’m way outside the prevailing demographic — I’m the youngest person here by a longhot — median age = 55? — and of 50 or 60 people, looks like I’m one of only about 10 men.

Oh, and I seem to be the only person blogging. 🙂

Anyway, libraries are important; information access is important; being involved in the community is important. So I’m happy to be here to represent the Sunnyvale Library. Will post some in a little bit. Maybe I’ll take a picture with my phone to post.

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