I’m more excited about the World Baseball Classic than I thought I’d be, and sitting at home feeling sorry for myself, it’s been nice to have baseball games on. I was a dope last night and missed my chance to catch a couple of Japan’s exhibition games at the Tokyo Dome last week.

The lineups are just crazy loaded with talent, and I think the International flavor makes it pretty fun. The regions are a little wacky — Asia makes sense, as does the Caribbean (mostly), but having South Africa in our region is a little weird. Actually, I suppose that having them in any region is a little weird.

Anyway, I was all set today to lord a US win over Canada over my Canuck co-workers (who, I’m certain, are not even aware that the WBC is going on or that Canada has enough baseball players to field a team with 9 whole players). Sadly, it seems that Canada can not only field a team of what appears to be a full complement of 25ish, but they can ball pretty well.

We spotted them an 8-0 lead, but now we’re starting to come back. It’s 8-6 after a Grand Salami in the 5th. Woot.

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