Rooting for Cuba (and other bits)

I’m rooting for Cuba tonight in the finals of the World Baseball Classic. My great experiences lately with Japan notwithstanding, I think the story of the Cuban team is just amazing. Because of the long, crappy relationship the US has with Cuba, these Cuban players have had no visibility on the worldwide stage at all — so nobody really knew how to think about the Cuban team playing against powerhouses from other countries (like the Dominican Republic, with Pujols, Colon, Tejada, Big Poppy) since most people have never seen them play. Anyway, these players clearly don’t get the worldwide recognition that they deserve, so I’m super-happy about their success to date in the WBC.

Other bit #1: TO in Big D.

Terrell Owens will be fantastic in Dallas this year, I think. Next year, he’ll lose his mind and take the whole Cowboys team with him. Good trade? I don’t know. But it’ll make awesome television. And holy cow, that guy is in incredible physical shape. If his mind were in the same shape, he’d be the richest guy on the planet. Or curing cancer. Either way.

Other bit #2: Rooting for Bradley

I was watching the Pitt-Bradley game yesterday with conflicted emotions. On the one hand, I have Pitt in my bracket going to the Elite Eight (note to self: stop betting on the Big East). On the other hand, you’ve got to root for the Braves. And underdogs in general. So my new rule, I think, is not to root for my brackets, but let the chips fall where they may — but pull for the underdogs, mostly. Exceptions to the rule: UK (even at a #8 seed, they’re not exactly an underdog), USC (always), and Duke, UConn & UNC, all perennial powerhouses. Arizona I’m on the fence about.

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