March, 2006

Mar 06

Proving we’re the best…

Well, the US baseball team is finally showing those treacherous Canadians who’s best in the baseball world…by crushing the South African team, of course.. Weird tiebraker rules means that hte US team, although tied with Canada and Mexico, will advance to the next round along with Mexico.

Mar 06


I’m more excited about the World Baseball Classic than I thought I’d be, and sitting at home feeling sorry for myself, it’s been nice to have baseball games on. I was a dope last night and missed my chance to catch a couple of Japan’s exhibition games at the Tokyo Dome last week.

The lineups are just crazy loaded with talent, and I think the International flavor makes it pretty fun. The regions are a little wacky — Asia makes sense, as does the Caribbean (mostly), but having South Africa in our region is a little weird. Actually, I suppose that having them in any region is a little weird.

Anyway, I was all set today to lord a US win over Canada over my Canuck co-workers (who, I’m certain, are not even aware that the WBC is going on or that Canada has enough baseball players to field a team with 9 whole players). Sadly, it seems that Canada can not only field a team of what appears to be a full complement of 25ish, but they can ball pretty well.

We spotted them an 8-0 lead, but now we’re starting to come back. It’s 8-6 after a Grand Salami in the 5th. Woot.

Mar 06

cough. cough.

the other pretty hysterical thing that sam has started doing is coughing to imitate kathy & me. kathy’s had this bad cough for a few weeks now — and when sam hears either one of us coughing, he’ll stick his tongue out and cough along with us. very sweet, and cracks us both up. kathy’s putting up a video on sam’s blog with it, i think.

Mar 06


well, the upside of being sick at home is that i get more time with kathy & the kiddo. and in 2 days, sam’s learned to reliably give me 5, slap me some skin — also known as the “germ transfer”.

i know that eventually there will be a time when he just wants to give everyone five all the time and we might get tired of it, but for now, i can’t get enough of it.

video at 11. or whenever his personal historian returns from her errands. 🙂

Mar 06

Sick, with kid.

ugh. having stay-at-home colds when you’ve got a kid in the house is doubly toughh. a lot harder than before sam. especially when kathy’s sick, too. yuck.