great day at the


Snap above is a pic from my camera phone of the fantastic trailer at Stanford, where Asa & I spent the afternoon yesterday. My friends Diego and Bob are teaching a very cool class there called Creating Infectious Action (CIA) and their first class project is about spreading Firefox.

The class is just completely amazing, and I can’t wait to see the projects that the teams come back with. They asked great questions — some tough ones — and are already starting to think about creative ways to get to audiences that we haven’t effectively reached before.

And I’ll say this, too: every time I have an interaction with the I’m reminded of all the things that I really loved about my time and Stanford, and more. The spirit of inquiry and curiosity that they’re creating there is completely infectious, and, like the Mayfield program, I’m a little envious that these programs weren’t around back in the old days when I was there. Can’t say enough about the great job that Diego, Bob, George and everyone there is doing. Feeling very lucky to be a part of it in our small way.

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