Heading to Paris

Somewhere over the East Coast at the moment, heading towards Paris to visit Mozilla Europe for the week. Here’s what I look like at the moment:


🙂 Not the greatest picture ever, but sort of cool to have a camera on my laptop. (Incidentally, I think that the new MacBooks are pretty great machines, when they’re not buzzing or over a hundred degrees.)

Kathy & Sam are in Texas now, hopefully home with Kathy’s folks after a trip up to Austin for the day to visit BJR & my brother’s family. Sounds like they had a pretty good day.

Considering how I want to blog this trip — thinking about starting a flickr account for pix and linking to them from here. Maybe just posting to .mac. Not sure. I’ll post about it. It’s interesting (for me at least) to note that I’ve now got 3 cameras with me: my point & shoot, my cell phone, and my laptop.

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