Over in Sam’s blog, Kathy put up a video of Sam’s first word, “Hi!” As she notes, it’s a great one. For me, it brings to mind the phrase: “When all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Sam’s a total crackup — generally he knows exactly when to use “hi” — when I walk in the door, when he sees us in the morning, when he meets someone new. (When he meets everyone, actually, new or old, and even some stuffed animals and birds outside.)

But the funniest thing is that sometimes we’ll be playing or having dinner, and he’ll start talking in his babbling mode. Actually, it’s not really babbling, but more intentional word formation (he’s really working on “b” words at the moment, including, but not limited to: bird, bath, bottle, ball, baby, bye-bye). So he’ll say something to you that sounds more or less like a sentence, and you’ll say “what??,” and he’ll say something again, and you’ll go “huh?”. And then he’ll say “hi!” And pretty much he’ll get what he wants. “Hi” is his hammer of the moment, and it’s a pretty good one.

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