new camera

as you may have noticed, we take a number of pictures in our family, and as a result, we have a fair number of different cameras. we’ve been incredibly happy with kathy’s digital rebel that we’ve had for a couple of years now (over 12,000 pictures on it — no kidding) — it takes beautiful pictures, and we’re collecting enough lenses now that we’ve got what you need for most circumstances. (goes without saying, but kathy’s becoming a pretty incredible photographer (in particular, of kids), and it’s fun to see her evolve. less fun to figure out how to back up 12,000 incredibly important pictures regularly, but oh well.)

before sam was born, we picked up a point & shoot: the sony dsc-t7, which is what i’ve been traveling with lately, and in particular, what i’ve taken pictures of tokyo & paris with. it’s an incredible piece of packaging: super-small, really light — easy to put into your shirt pocket. but we’ve never really been happy with it: the colors always seem a little washed out, and, worse, it was a pretty slow lens, which made it tough to take pictures indoors without flash or really terrible blur. i had to throw away a ton of my pictures taken with the camera because the blur was just too much.

so last week we picked up the new canon sd700is, which has the same image stabilization technology (marketing-wise, i mean) that kathy’s canon zoom lens has. reduces shake in low light, and so far takes fantastically good pictures, which we’re really happy with. i’ll probably post a few side-by-side comparisons as I start to spend more time with the new camera. it’s a little bulkier than the old one — mostly for housing the 4x zoom lens — but i think that there may be a lens size/package size versus photo quality tradeoff that may not ever go away.

anyway, here’s one of the first pics i took with the new camera (sam’s about ready to escape the high chair, so is glaring at me a bit while i screw around with the camera):


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