anger shifting.

okay, so while i was angry last week at the president and the NSA about the massive data collection mess. but now i’ve got a couple of other targets:

– i’m angry at the phone companies for selling our information to the spy agency.

– i’m frustrated with the american public, over 60% of whom seem to think that this sort of program as well as the wiretapping program are fine since they think they’ve done nothing wrong. bah. slippery slope. this is a really disappointing position to take — it’s sort of like saying that you don’t mind detention without due process at gitmo as long as you’re not from the middle east.

i think it’s a little damaging to W’s approval rating, but i feel like there should be a national outcry about this. whether it’s legal or not is not really the point for me. (although we should probably get an answer on that eventually.) it’s more about the equivocation and word-mincing and outright lies.

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