lately i’ve been going through an interesting work transformation. since january, i’ve been spending a lot of time with Mozilla Japan, working on our adoption there, and recently i’ve been spending time with Mozilla Europe in France being sort of blown away by our traction in Europe, not to mention bits & pieces of work in Taiwan, Canada, Russia, Germany and others. (although i’ve not been to the last few places lately.)

so on any given day i’ll generally IM with Gen in Tokyo, communicate with folks in Paris, and work on issues related to a few other countries. (not to mention that virtually our whole Mozilla team is in Amsterdam for XTech just now.)

it sort of blows me away, to be honest — i feel really lucky to be doing this sort of work. it’s exposing to a much larger set of issues than i’ve ever been exposed to, and i’m learning a lot quickly.

it’s also amazing to me that such a small company (only about 50 employees — maybe 60 if you add in MozJP & MozEU) has a gigantic global reach and things happening in nearly every corner of the globe.

the travel (paris & tokyo so far) sure beats my reactivity travel

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