July, 2006

Jul 06

1 year doc appt

Sam had his 1 year doctor appointment today — everything reports back great. He’s 31.25 inches and 23 lbs — still at 95 percentile for height and 50th for weight. So a skinny little fella — developing great. Pics & video from his birthday party coming soon.

Jul 06


I’m working with the Mozilla Japan folks here in Tokyo this week, and I have the feeling I always have: I’m blown away by people like Gen Kanai & Tristan Nitot (at MozEU) who can do work routinely in more than one language. I deeply respect that ability, and truly wish that I had prioritized language learning earlier in my life. There’s no way to learn everything, of course — and I’m very happy with my knowledge of Latin (and a bit of German), as it’s incredibly useful for understanding English — but the older I get, the more I think that point-of-view is maybe the most critical thing to understand in any situation, and language colors that in ways that are simply fundamental.

Jul 06


okay, so now that i’m over the whole getting my car bashed up thing, i’m ready to hit stage 2: optimism.

i’m not really ready for a new car. what i’d really like is something like what the honda accord hybrid has, but in an acura TL form factor. but i think those cars (excepting the silly new $60k lexus hybrid) are a few years away still. i don’t think i want to drive a prius — just a little too small at this point for me.

so now i’m starting to think about buying a new car — don’t really have anything i’m totally excited about, though.

so what should i do?

– buy some other approximately-22 mpg-getting-sedan from europe or japan & keep it for 8 years like i keep most of my cars

– lease one of those for like 3 years and buy something i’m more excited about in 2009

– buy an accord hybrid for kathy & drive her 2002 TL for a few years

– something else entirely


Jul 06

Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk

Great book. Movie’s great, too. Not as good when you know what’s happening from the start, but still great.

Jul 06



told ya i’d have new stuff to blog about. today driving past google, a googler t-boned my audi because she didn’t look before she pulled out. wrecked the whole passenger side of my car, and pushed me into a street sign, ruining the back half of the other side. tow truck driver thinks it’s a total — says there’s b-pillar damage, the front suspension is messed up, fender issues, neither passenger door closes, wheel damage, undercarriage damage. the whole 9 yards.

i’m totally fine — a little burn on my left bicep from where the side impact airbag deployed (verdict: wimpy, but with smokey flavoring), but no big deal. here are a couple of other pictures (click on any for detail)…pool on total or not?