Well, 4 season finales this week, for Entourage, Deadwood, Rescue Me and 30 Days. all 4 were superb, and finish off great great seasons for all 4 shows. Rescue Me was probably the best of the lot — perfect pacing — what a terrific show. Deadwood’s finale was challenging (in a good way), pretty much like the whole season. Terrific, groundbreaking television. And Gerald McRaney completely floored me in his role as George Hearst.

And I’d be remiss in not mentioning that as we shut off Rescue Me last night we accidentally turned the TV to Fox’s Celebrity Duets, possibly the worst bit of television in the entire history of television. We “lucked” into seeing a duet between Xena (Warrior Princess) and Smokey Robinson, followed up by a ghastly country song sung by Randy Travis and Cheech Marin (pictured above) about digging up some sort of bones. I could feel the life force leeching out of me just being in the room with it on. Funniest bit (in sort of a sad way) that we saw in 10 minutes or so was one of the judges, Marie Osmond, telling someone that he sounded “a little too white” on his song. Wow. You can’t make that stuff up.

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