September, 2006

Sep 06

Great new stuff from Cormac

just got The Road, Cormac McCarthy’s new book, and on the first page i’m hooked. (No Country for Old Men was my favorite book last year.)


"Then he just sat there holding the binoculars and watching the ashen daylight congeal over the land."


Sep 06

Giant bug terrorizing Germany

This is fantastic. I love the web. 🙂

Sep 06

coup in thailand

Wow. The Prime Minister is in NYC at the UN and so the military stages a coup. You think this sort of thing doesn’t happen these days — pretty freaky. Kathy & I were there in 2000 — really terrific place, we thought, although there were concerns even back then about corruption of Thaksin Shinawatra, their PM. Weird to see tanks rolling in anywhere, but especially in a place you’ve visited.

Sep 06

life’s different now

projects around the house have a little higher degree of difficulty these days than they did before Sam:

Img 9463

Img 9461

Img 9459

Sep 06


on the way home from my library board meeting, NPR was playing a talk by bill clinton. i was absolutely blown away by his level of thought, the coherency of his views, and the relevance to my life. i was particularly struck by the thought that it’s pretty scary that i’ve grown so accustomed to all the crap that’s going on in Washington these days that a throwaway speech by a former president was a revelation because it made me want to understand more, to be better, to have a real discourse with kathy, my friends, everyone.

on a day that i wanted to be thinking of americans and america, and instead found myself thinking of partisanship and political posturing, really and truly, it just about made me weep.