coat hanger

yesterday was sort of freaky. everything ended up okay, but a few scary moments. i was taking care of sam at home for a bit (kathy had a meeting up in SF), and while she was driving home, sam & i were in the bedroom getting ready for me to go to work. i noticed he had a coat hanger in his mouth, which i asked him for and he happily gave me (what a sweet kid). i turned around to get my shirt off the bed, and he started screaming — he had somehow hooked the curvy part of another hanger under his eyelid and was sort of stuck.

well, that moment pretty well sucked.

after removing the coat hanger, we jumped in the car to get to the ER — and were discharged about an hour later with no ill effects, except for a grouchy sam. happily no scratches on his eye or eyelid, no punctures through his eyelid.

and today he woke up this morning his normal happy self with no obvious affects at all.

and we all learned a valuable lesson while mom was out yesterday: coat hangers don’t belong in your eye.

here ends the lesson.

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