headed to tokyo now — about an hour into an 11 hour flight. we were a little late getting into the air, but shouldn’t be too late getting in. the way this particular flight works is that it leaves at about 12:30p PDT Sunday (or any day) and gets in to Tokyo at 3:45p JDT Monday (next day). [coming home is sorta freaky — leaves Tokyo at 5:15p on Friday; gets back to San Jose at 10a that same day. :-)]

this has been a really convenient flight for me this year — this is the 4th time i’ve taken it — makes getting to & from Tokyo as easy as possible. i think i’m getting the hang of things — when i get to Narita, it’s a pretty quick walk downstairs to get onto the Narita Express into town (about an hour, give or take), then a couple of subway trains to get to akasaka-mitsuke station, which is right near my hotel. then a quick shower before heading to dinner with gen & kaori, the two people in our Mozilla Japan office who i work with the most.

will be out for the week — helping out with the Firefox 2 launch — it’s a really great product, i think. should be a fun & eventful trip, as always. gen & takita-san & kaori always have things so organized & well thought out that it’s a breeze.

trying out my new ipod nano on the trip — the form factor is really terrific. Anyway, more from Tokyo soon.

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