A couple of hours ago we launched Firefox 2 — something that I’m very proud of from an organization, Mozilla, which I’m very proud to be associated with. I was blown away by Mozilla long before I ever started working here (June 2005), was blown away when I got here (and found fewer than 20 people working furiously to support a user base of more than 20M (and growing fast), and am blown away today by the response we’re getting from the press, from Microsoft, and from the community. And, really, how well everything went here today. As an organization, we were incredibly “aw, shucks” today — like it was nothing. But I’ll tell you that to do a global launch in 37 languages of a product that more than 70M people use as their lifeline to the Internet (it’s a series of tubes) is no mean feat, and I count myself very lucky to have been part of it.

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