Sam’s on board

From Sam’s blog (what a team player!):

Last night while John was getting Sam
ready for his bath, Sam pointed at John’s fleece logo and said, clear
as day, "Firefox."  I was starting his bath water and heard it from the
bathroom — and could hardly believe my ears.

Sam has a stuffed firefox (red panda) that he plays with and we talk
about but neither John nor I recalled pointing to the logo on his
fleece jacket and saying "firefox."   We may have done it in passing,
but nothing concerted, for sure.

As we were talking about in our preschool night class this week,
toddlers often have a delayed response to things.  And I know our
reaction last night reinforced his learning :-).

Maybe it was just a shout out to all the friendly people we met at John’s office on Wednesday when we went to visit.

At the moment, Firefox and Elmo are Sam’s two favorite brands. I couldn’t really tell you how he figured out who Elmo is, as we don’t talk about him. (And, as an old school Muppet guy, I’m still a little suspicious of him. I’m more of a Grover, Oscar & Cookie Monster guy. Elmo just seems so "all about Elmo.")

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