it’s a horse race…

…for the dumbest politician in Washington, and, as usual, it’s a close one. Ted Stevens is an idiot. This particular reincarnation of DOPA would, among other things, ban the Wikipedia and other user-generated content from schools. But that’s okay, I suppose, since who would ever learn from someone who’s not a teacher? Bah.

One of the unbelievably great things about the web is that it connects you instantly, in ways that are increasingly deep & meaningful, to people all around the world with diverse views, and, possibly, things to teach you and to learn from you.

While he’s at it, he should probably protect kids against those pesky books, as there’s no telling what subversives like Steinbeck, Twain, or Vonnegut are trying to put into youths’ minds. And now they’re busy clogging the tubes of the Internet with that claptrap about things like free thinking, individual rights, blah blah blah.

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