Yesterday was a fun day — between Mozilla & Reactivity, there were dozens of news reports on the web & elsewhere about things that I’m either currently involved in or was involved in not too long ago. Reactivity was always a pretty low profile sort of place — the ethos was to put our heads down and get things done. Great to see that rewarded. Mozilla is the opposite — someone sneezes in our office, and it makes headlines on Interestingly, the ethos is the same: people here are mostly focused on working hard and doing good work on behalf of users.

But the best thing about yesterday, by far, was the huge number of co-workers, friends, and people in related companies who reached out to say congratulations to me, see how everyone was doing. One of the very best things about my 7 years at Reactivity was the giant number of smart people who I got to spend time with, work with, argue with, drink with. It was really great to talk with so many yesterday, and humbling that so many of them took time out of their busy days to connect.

Also, my friend Adam Nash wrote a blog post today about something I had forgotten — I’ve written elsewhere about how we brainstormed the beginning of Reactivity together in Cupertino back in 1997, but I had forgotten that we used an old Mac of his as our mailserver, and his rather large color printer, named 800lb Color Gorilla in our office for a long time. Seems like a million years ago, and I guess it sorta was. Anyway, Adam wrote a nice post on his blog today about it. His blog is more professional than mine is. 🙂

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