February, 2007

Feb 07

kid privacy

i seem to be talking a bunch about moving my blog over — and in fact, i think we’ll move mine and kathy’s over in the next few weeks. one of the things we’re a little stumped on, though, is what to do about the kid. more specifically, we obviously post a ton of info and pictures about him for our friends and family — and when we write about him we usually use his name. but as he gets older, i guess we’re getting a little more concerned about his privacy, and, more importantly, his safety.

some friends of ours just use their kids’ names next to pictures in blogs. other friends of ours only refer to their kids by an alias, so that any potential lurkers won’t be able to connect names to photos. we’re not really sure what to do. on the one hand, better safe than sorry, even though it’ll make the writing seem a little stilted. on the other hand, we live in a pretty hyper-connected time, and it’s probably a losing battle ultimately, although he doesn’t have his own myspace page yet, thankfully.

so we don’t know. any opinions?

Feb 07


seems to be either lillyhowe.net or jub.net. i sort of like JubNet (spelled jub.net). any opinons here?

rats. i think jub.net isn’t actually available. stupid instantdomiansearch. jubjubs.org? jubnet.com? jubnet.net?

i hate this part…wah.

Feb 07

it’s a horse race…

…for the dumbest politician in Washington, and, as usual, it’s a close one. Ted Stevens is an idiot. This particular reincarnation of DOPA would, among other things, ban the Wikipedia and other user-generated content from schools. But that’s okay, I suppose, since who would ever learn from someone who’s not a teacher? Bah.

One of the unbelievably great things about the web is that it connects you instantly, in ways that are increasingly deep & meaningful, to people all around the world with diverse views, and, possibly, things to teach you and to learn from you.

While he’s at it, he should probably protect kids against those pesky books, as there’s no telling what subversives like Steinbeck, Twain, or Vonnegut are trying to put into youths’ minds. And now they’re busy clogging the tubes of the Internet with that claptrap about things like free thinking, individual rights, blah blah blah.

Feb 07

domain name

so the main reason that i’m stuck on moving my blog is figuring out a domain name. all my favorite jubjub-related names are, of course, taken on .com, .org, .net.

i keep thinking that i’m going to be hit by divine intervention to come up with a cool domain for our family, but think it’s not happening.

so here are my current options:


chortling.org (look it up — “chortled” is probably the best way to look for it)


(jubjub is my preferred name for, well, everything. 🙂

any preferences? i know they all pretty much suck. 🙂

Feb 07

blogging from flickr

Originally uploaded by John Lilly.

i’m pretty sure i’m the last person in the world to decide that flickr is probably the best place to put my photos online. (better than hosting on my own server, better than any other galleries.) interface isn’t great for viewing (as opposed to organizing & tagging, which is pretty great, but it’s as good as anything i guess. anyway, these are daikon radish plush dolls, a picture taken at kiddieland in tokyo last year.