being a dad

kathy’s got class tonight, so it was just sam & me, spending time together, listening to a little music, eating a little pineapple for dessert.

and i got this feeling that i’ve been having a lot lately, where i just enjoyed watching sam, interacting with him, sometimes explaining things to him, sometimes listening to him. and i guess i realized that “dadness” — the feeling of being a father, and feeling good about it and happy — it’s one that sort of sneaks up on you. it’s always been terrific since sam’s been here (and even longer, since kathy & i have been together, for sure), but there’s something about this feeling that’s just amazing, and it pops up during funny, often simple times.

even this morning, as sam woke up around 6 (what last week before DST was 5!) and so we came out in the dark, but spent time looking at the moon and mars and talking about the stars and sun — even bleary-eyed, pretty fantastic, and getting better each day.

happy post. 🙂

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