dual booting into Vista experiences

i may have mentioned this before, but i’m going to try pretty hard to start booting into Vista from time to time. i’d like to understand what it feels like to use Vista, and i want to keep in touch with what things feel like on the Windows side. although i have to say that right now, i think Vista is still on the exotic side. most things don’t work quite right, the visual effects are interesting, but mostly not productivity-oriented.

one small thing: i’ve gotten my bluetooth mouse & keyboard to work, but it wasn’t enabled by default. or, rather, i had to go into properties for each one after i set them up & let Vista know that i wanted my mouse to “use mouse capabilities”. sigh.

on the font stuff in my blog, the reason that it’s showing as significantly more readable in Firefox is that there’s a css setting called moz-opacity that’s set to 40%, but that’s not supported by Safari. matters less on Windows because the font backs up to be Lucida, instead of Futura, which is installed on Macs by default. need to figure out a different styling to make it work better on Safari, otherwise might need to go to dark text against a light background again.

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