New Library for Sunnyvale?

This is something I’m very excited about: at Tuesday evening’s Sunnyvale City Council Meeting, the City Council voted to put a ballot measure on the November 2007 ballot asking voters to support a$108M bond measure that would allow us to build a new library for Sunnyvale — one to replace our 40+ year old library.

It’s a beautiful library currently, and taken incredible care of by the staff, but it’s time for something new, and I’m incredibly excited to start working on getting support for the bond.

As some of you know, I’m on the Board of Trustees for the Sunnyvale Library, and it was some (very small) amount of our work, plus the (very large amount of) work by Sunnyvale Library Staff & the City Manager that got things this far, plus the will of a determined City Council.

I’ll blog about it some more in the coming weeks, but likely not as a Board of Trustees member (my work in that capacity w/r/t the bond is done, I think), but as a member of a group that will be called something like “Yes for Sunnyvale Libraries” or something like that — to work to get this bond funded by the 2/3 vote that’s required.

I’ve not done a campaign like this before, so am excited to get started.

It’s not every day you get a chance to make a 30+ year impact — I feel very lucky to be involved now.

photo credit: Murali Achanta
(this statue is one of the really iconic bits of our library — The Reader, if you will)

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