NYT Editorial on Bush Administration Secrecy

Scathing editorial in the New York Times this morning. Everyone should read it. Here’s how it starts:

“President Bush has turned the executive branch into a two-way mirror. They get to see everything Americans do: our telephone calls, e-mail, and all manner of personal information. And we get to see nothing about what they do.”

and  the big finish:

“Governments have to keep secrets. But this administration has grossly abused that trust, routinely using claims of national security to hide policies that are immoral and almost certainly illegal, to avoid embarrassment, and to pursue Mr. Bush’s dreams of an imperial presidency.”

It makes me so incredibly angry to be treated this way by our own government. And yet I feel that we’re about to head into the 2008 election and make it just about petty politics again, instead of about fundamental directions of our government, and fundamental ways of operating that are being obliterated.

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