kid time

I’m taking a few days off to spend with my family, as SPL is getting ready for his 2nd birthday next week — this morning we’ve gone for a walk to Starbucks (our normal routine), taken apart SPL’s baby crib, and put together (most of) his new bed from Ikea. Need to take a trip back to Ikea to get the parts that we forgot yesterday, but should be in place by naptime, I think. He’s really excited for his “big boy bed” — he has a new set of tools from his cousins (hammer, drill, pliers, etc) that he used to work on the bed with me this morning. Fun. Kathy got a fair number of pictures & movies, so I’m sure she’ll post shortly.

Anyway, because of Independence day, this is my third day off, with a couple of weekend days to look forward to — I’ve found that adjusting to “kid time” takes a couple of days — getting used to not being too worried about getting anything done on a timeline — but that once you’re there it’s a great thing.

2 is a tough age — lots of new capabilities, growing language & understanding of the world, and lots of random emotions that are tough for a kid (and his parents) to sort out.

But he’s such a generous, happy, funny kid that I know we’ll miss this random time — such a good ime of exploration and coming into his own.

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