ugh. something possessed me today to go through all my milk crates of old power adapters & cables. speaker wire, rca cables, power adapters for nokia phones, for motorola phones. old routers. ugh. i’ve always been a guy who likes cleaning house, likes throwing away stuff to make room for the new, but this is hard.

getting rid of my original palm pilot sync cable — that’s a pretty easy call, really. but my external apple scsi connector? what if someone comes over with a powerbook duo and an external dock for it, and then wants to connect an external scsi drive? what the heck would i do if i just tossed that cable? i’d be in dire straits, that’s what. nonetheless, i think i may part ways with it.

i go in fits like this every year or two — cleaning up stuff that i shouldn’t have anymore, selling some stuff on ebay. just now i’m trying to get my old dell laptop up & running, buti seem to have misplaced the hard drive connector. i’m sure i used it for something really useful, like prying open some other device i have. wonder where it is…

update: crap, dad says he threw away his external scsi cables a couple of weeks ago, so maybe i should keep mine, you know…just in case. i was sorta counting on him. and…when in the world did i use all these damn ethernet cables? thank god for WiFi.

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  1. WiFi, bluetooth, …. I doubt whether I prefer to have thousand cables arount my desk than to have all those waves moving around my room, and my own body, how knows, maybe one day we will regret of this wireless era.