I’ll tell you that time is a tough thing for me to figure out these days. The 90 minutes we spent with SPL trying to get him to take his afternoon nap seemed like they took forever. But this Friday will be his 2nd birthday, and it seems like those two years have passed in the blink of an eye. And I’m pretty sure that before we know it, we’ll be celebrating his 8th, or his 13th, or his 21st birthday.

I’m finding it both harder to really understand how I feel about time lately, and easier to just enjoy its passing. Yesterday was a rocky day, with the aforementioned naplessness — and SPL subsequently falling asleep in my arms when we walked around the block later. But after a short nap & dinner, the two of us just kicked around the backyard, throwing the frisbee & kicking the soccer ball — and time could have stood still, for all I noticed. It was just a sweet, carefree bit of experience we shared — the type of time that I’m learning to appreciate more & more.

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