As all regular readers of this blog know, I’m an unabashed fan of robots. (The Isaac Asimov be-good-to-humans type, not the Will Smith human-killing type, although that type has a certain attraction at times.)

Okay, not really. I don’t know that I’ve ever even written about them here.

But I bought a Scooba for our kitchen this week — life with a two year old entails a certain amount of ever-present crumbs on the kitchen floor (among other places), which in turn means a fair bit of sweeping & mopping. So I figured a robot sweeper/mopper would be perfect. (As an added bonus, it provides exactly the type of entertainment a 2 year old boy is looking for.)


We tried it out last night, and it pretty much was a failure. Sorta mopped okay, sorta swept up okay, but was incredibly loud and pretty slow. I had visions of us unleashing little Scooba each night to eat up the leftovers, sort of like the vacuum from The Jetsons. But way too noisy for that to work.

If any robots are reading this blog, hear this: you need to step up your game, or you’ll never be our overlords on earth. Come on, robots.

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