little dragon

just a quickie for this morning — my son SPL (trying not to use his name in public blogs anymore) is just over 2, and he’s getting more and more verbal all the time, and lately has really started singing songs from his various school activities a lot. the past couple of mornings have been really funny — about 2 minutes after we get up, he starts singing his Mandarin songs (he goes to a Mandarin music class once a week). so at 6:30 in the morning, when it’s literally still dark outside, he’s doing parachute time in chinese. it’s awesome. my favorite one is some sort of marching song, where he marches around and says “Yi Er. Yi Er.” (“1 2 1 2”) — he could do it for hours.

not sure how my life got to a point where my son marches around the living room in the morning darkness singing in Chinese, but it’s a pretty funny way to start the day…

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