Just got to my hotel in Tokyo, going to take a shower then go to a meetup here with, hey — other people who live near me in Silicon Valley! 🙂

Really here to see Chibi and Kaori and Gen and Kohei and Joi and Nobu and other folks from Mozilla Japan as we think about what to do here in 2008. It’s been fun and productive to work with the team here as they’ve grown from just a couple of folks 2 years ago to a real office now. Japan is a tough culture/market to really crack for open source, but Chibi (Takita-san, head of Mozilla Japan) has worked hard on raising awareness of OSS here for years, and is making real headway. I’m excited to talk with her, the board, and the rest of Mozilla Japan tomorrow.

But tonight, Web2 types. 🙂

2 random tidbits: (1) in Japan, my iPhone seems to be an iPod — no connectivity at all, and (2) I haven’t been here in a year or so, and am reminded what a great place Tokyo is. I’ve been to lots of great places in the past couple of years — Tokyo really is one of the world’s great cities, alongside London and Manhattan, in my view.

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